Grades & Colts Changes in 2018

It has been confirmed that the names of the grades will be changing as of this year. They will now be as follows:
– Premier Grade
– 2nd Grade (was Premier Reserve)
– 3rd Grade (was 1st Grade)
– 4th Grade (was 2nd Grade)
– 5th Grade (was 3rd Grade)
– 6th Grade (was 4th Grade)
– 7th Grade (was 5th grade – ONLY IF WE HAVE ENOUGH PLAYERS)
– Colts 1 (was Premier Colts)
– Colts 2 (was Colts 1)
– Colts 3 (was Colts 2)
We will also be entering a team into the Friday Night Competition to include players who are busy with families and other commitments etc.
There have been standards put in place to determine who is eligible to play for the Friday Night team – for more information, please contact Stuart Hubbert.