Junior Heavies Pathway



UQRFC has been working to expand and strengthen the junior pathway.

For the first time in 2019, The UQ Junior Bullsharks and Kenmore Bears have joined forces with UQRFC to offer teams for U13 and older.

Teams will play as the Junior Heavies and wear the famous maroon jersey of UQRFC. The intent is to have multiple teams in each age group and players will be graded.

UQRFC remain committed to improving the pathway and will be providing accredited head coaches to ALL Junior Heavies teams.

How does this program affect the Kenmore and UQ Junior clubs?

From a day to day perspective there will be no change. All teams up to U12 will continue to train and play out of Graceville & Kenmore be known as the Bullsharks and Bears respectively. It simply means we now have a genuine pathway for those who want to continue playing right through to seniors.

How many teams will there be in each age group?

We anticipate at least 2 per age group in U13 and U14 in 2019. We will be able to accommodate older age groups dependant on numbers.

My son has played with the same boys for many years, can he stay with them?

Teams will be independently graded by UQRFC coaching staff. A transparent selection policy will be available. Selections will take into consideration previous team experience as well as skill level, team balance and player safety.

I have younger children as well, can I register them all with the same club and receive a family discount?

Players registering for the Junior Heavies Program do so at the home club and as such home club sibling discounts will apply if they are offered.

What time is training? Which nights?

All Junior Heavies teams will train Friday nights, nominally from 6.30pm to 8pm. Teams will be encouraged to train a second night, most likely Wednesdays . Coaches and team management will confirm specifics and give consideration to other commitments of team members.