UQRFC Mentoring Program

The UQRFC Mentoring Program is a program established exclusively for club members and aims to provide club members with information, guidance and assistance relevant to their professional careers beyond the rugby field.

This form of club assistance is in line with the club’s Mission Statement:

“To maintain and develop a suitable environment (human and financial resources, facilities, high quality coaching, string values and traditions, mentoring, good governance and the like) where sporting excellence and academic achievements are encouraged and extolled in which young men and women can participate in rugby football at their highest level whilst experiencing the benefits to their personal educational development that sport participation at the University of Queensland can deliver.”


The program is not primarily a process of finding employment for club members but rather a process to help interested club members pursue opportunities to extend personal networks, discover important industry information, and receive relevant career advice and guidance.

This will be achieved this through the following strategies:

1.       Linking current club members with business professionals (past players, sponsors, club associates) within an area of interest.  Club members will be able to meet with their assigned mentor in order to receive guidance, and discuss industry and career information of specific relevance to the individual.

2.       Conducting presentations from targeted companies on current graduate recruitment strategies.

Individuals wishing to take advantage of this opportunity are to complete the Player Registration Form, and email this along with your current CV to Cameron Chater