At UQRFC we aspire to be more than just good rugby players, we aspire to be good men & women. We realise that rugby can’t be played forever and that there is a life after rugby.

We care about our members’ future and their career. Through our Life After Rugby program we aim to connect current members with past members to open up opportunities into desired industries.

Being associated with the University of Queensland, our club has connections throughout almost every industry which opens doors for our members. UQRFC delivers Life After Rugby events at the club house providing an avenue for current members to make these connections and ultimately gain more direction in their life after rugby.

If you are interested to hear more about our Life After Rugby program, please email


For more information on what is covered through the Rugby AU insurance policy, please visit for a programme summary.

When registering for UQRFC, a portion of the registration fees entitle the player to a level of insurance through Rugby AU’s policy.

Before lodging a claim on the below link make sure that you have the following:

  1. Date that you were injured
  2. Doctors certificate stating the injury
  3. Evidence of loss of income, if applicable
  4. Any relevant receipts up to the date of claim

Lodge a claim


To ensure the safety of our members, we have an extensive team of medical trainers and a sports doctor. The medical trainers are present at every training session and assist with pre-training strapping and any injuries that occur during the sessions. On gameday there is a first aid qualified trainer and a sports doctor present to deal with any issues that arise in relation to the health of our members.

Any head injuries that occur are referred to our Sports Doctor who adhere to the Rugby AU ‘Return to Play’ protocols and assist the players in returning to the field as safely and as quickly as possible.

To help diagnose any injuries sustained during games or training, UQRFC provides physiotherapy triage free of charge to all players on a Tuesday night during the regular season. These short consultations allow the players to identify their injuries and book into a physiotherapy session if required.

Every game has a qualified sports doctor and a team of sports trainers on game day and at training

Triage each Tuesday night.


UQ Rugby Club teats the mental health and awareness of all of its players, staff and volunteers very seriously.

The Club has 5 officially trained Mental Health First Aid Officers to assist those people needing some additional support in this area.

We also have a designated Mental Health Round each year, to work with partners and raise the awareness of this issue.

Need additional help? Here are some organisations that you might find useful:


Black Dog Institute

Beyond Blue

Suicide Prevention Australia

Sir William MacGregor Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067