History of UQ Rugby Club Book – The First Hundred Years – Two Volume Book Set


    A History of the University of Queensland Rugby Football Club
    THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS – Two Volume Book Set

    It’s more than a game…

    Written By Peter Meares, John O’Hare and James Meaney
    Edited By Vincent J. Creagh

    The Club was founded in 1911 as an unincorporated association – known then as University of Queensland Football Club. In December 1987, the Club became an incorporated association under the “Associations Incorporation Act 1981” with the name UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND FOOTBALL CLUB INCORPORATED. On 16th June 2010, the Club changed its name to UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB INC.

    Since it was founded, the Club has seen many thousands of young men and women enjoy the game of Rugby, make many friendships, and develop as individuals in an environment where the tradition of Scientia ac Labore (by means of knowledge and hard work) is encouraged and extolled. Over the years the Club has established a fine Rugby tradition of great camaraderie, mateship, and enjoyment that has resulted in many successes on the playing field.

    Many of the Club’s players have been rewarded with representative honours and many have contributed further to the game of Rugby as Coaches, managers and administrators. Known affectionately as “Uni”, “Varsity”, “the Students”, and later “The Red Heavies”, we are the most successful Brisbane Club with twenty-four First Grade Premierships. At least two hundred and ten players have represented Queensland, and sixty-five have represented Australia (nine as Captain).

    This book tells the remarkable story of the Club’s first one hundred years in a chronological account of the Club’s history. It captures the pride and spirit of this remarkable Club and highlights and reveals a labyrinth of pioneers, administrators, good and generous characters, modern heroes, and current champions.

    It is a celebration of the Club and its contribution to the code in Queensland and Australia. It delves into the past and brings from the fog of reminiscence memories of great games, great players, and notable and humorous deeds. There is no doubt that for its members who have toured or played at home, there will be much pride and pleasure in recalling the achievements of this great Club over the past one hundred years.


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    History of UQ Rugby Club Book – The First Hundred Years – Two Volume Book Set