Player Profile – Stuart Price

Stuart Price might be getting ready to run out for his 200th game this Saturday against Souths, but this second rower from 3rd Grade would have played closer to 500 games if records went back earlier than 2008.

How long have you been a Red Heavy?

Since the last millennium, twenty something seasons.

Where did you grow up?

Grew up in Browns Plains (deep south side of Brisbane). Hadn’t heard of Rugby Union until I started to Churchie, we were all about Rugby League out there.

What was your first rugby club?

Souths Junior Rugby League.

What do you love most about playing rugby?

I feel like rugby is a great leveller. Whatever one might have or think one is owed is parked at the door. I love working with a team of great people who give as much as they have for the group.

What is your best quailty?


You can invite three people to dinner, dead or alive – who are they?

Dave Chapelle – hilarious and a clever social commentator.

Tom Cruise – a legend with unwavering focus and committment.

Kurt Cobain – to make sure I have retained enough of my “F.U” attitude.

Favourite quote?

Never show surprise, never lose your cool. Coughlin’s Law.

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