UQ Rugby awards 14th Life Membership to Heather Arthy

It’s not often that Red Heavies Head Sports Trainer, Heather Arthy, is speechless – but yesterday at the Annual Red Heavies Test Rugby Corporate Lunch, it almost happened!

Heather was awarded the 14th Life Membership of the University of Queensland Rugby Club.

As Club President Mick Zaicek stated, “In the constitution it reads; ‘Life Members shall be persons considered to have made a long, valuable and special contribution to the Club and/or the sport of rugby union.’ This person, as much as anyone I have ever met around this great club exemplifies this contribution.”

Zaicek then introduced former premiership winning captain Dr. Jack De Guingand to the stage to make the presentation.

So why Jack De Guingand? 

“Jack and I created a real connection when he came up from Sydney and joined the Club. He had a few injuries, so I spent a fair bit of time strapping him and we had some good chats,” Heather said.

“We see a lot of players come and go through the Club, but I can honestly say I shed a tear the day that Jack left the Club.”

Heather had no idea the honour of Life Membership was going to be bestowed upon her.

“I had no clue at all,” she said. “It wasn’t until Jack started speaking that I thought, hang on, what’s going on here!” 

Jack eloquently described the commitment that Heather has given the Club over the past 20 years.

“When you add up the hours every week, every month, across 20 years, it works out to be the equivalent of around 4 years of full-time work that Heather has given the Club. It is extraordinary,” Jack stated. 

Heather will join the other 13 Life Members of the Club – being the 1st non-player and female to be honoured in this way.

An honour and recognition that Heather, and the Club, will cherish forever.