Next Generation of Heavies

By Emma Halliday

Fergus Lillicrap, Alex Davies and Connor Moroney are the next generation of Red Heavies to come through the club.

In Round 3 against Easts the trio played Premier Grade together, something their fathers Cameron Lillicrap, Bruce Davies and Richard Moroney did together in the 1980s.

Connor and Fergus had known of their parents playing history together, but only recently found out that Alex’s dad also played with them.

“I have always known Fergus’ dad and my dad played together because they have known each other well and they played together at the Reds for a while,” Connor said.

“We only recently just found out Alex’s dad also played with them which is pretty cool.”

Their fathers Richard Moroney and Bruce Davies were part of the UQRFC premiership team in 1990.

Connor said that it was a pretty special moment to run out for that game knowing that he was playing alongside the sons of the men that his dad once ran out with.

“I have always been a fan of the club and wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps,” Connor said.

“My granddad played here as well so I am the third generation of UQ players in my family and it is great to see other guys here playing with that same lineage.”