UQ v Brothers

By Emma Halliday

This weekend the Red Heavies will run out for Round 7 against Brothers.

UQ is looking to recreate last year’s Grand Final win which saw UQ defeat Brothers 31- 26.

The rivalry between Brothers has been long fought with UQ having played Brothers in 283 games since their first match in 1912.

Brothers secured the first victory 24-0 that year and since then the tradition continues.

The two clubs have some of the strongest club cultures in the competition which has led to some of the most intense matches in club rugby history.

One of the most hard-fought encounters includes the historic 1979 Grand Final which was decided over two games in extra time resulting in a draw.

The rivalry is furthered each year with the two clubs competing for the Bob Templeton Paul McLean Cup, named after two club greats from their respective clubs.

UQ are the current holders of the Cup which and will therefore be contended next year when UQ host Brothers.

The statistics over the last 10 years are in UQ’s favour, showing UQ having beaten Brothers 17 times out of the 26 games. 

A close game is expected this weekend with UQ currently on top of the Premier Grade table and Brothers looking to consolidate a spot beside them in the top four.

Kick-off is at 3:30pm this Saturday 12 September at Brothers, Crosby Road, Albion.